The future paradigm in education: From learning environments to…

From learning environments to motivation environments.

The real challenge is how to Motivate

The next paragraph is the preliminary result from my research about learning environments in seven countries.

I think that we will start to hear about a new paradigm shift in school education; in the 80s and 90s the whole idea was «learning to learn», «lifelong learning» and «competences»; in the 2000’s and 2010’s the issue was/is «learning environments and information and communication technologies»; well, the focus in the coming years will be «motivation environments». We (parents, schools and authorities) will have to concentrate on «how to motivate children/students», in a digital world, when they think they don’t need the school (they think they have everything when they own a smartphone). Children are not longer challenged by the schools. It is not about teachers or poverty (those are givens) it is about «creating motivation environments».

More about this the following weeks!

Eduardo Andere M.

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