Finland, once more, in the headlines


I am positively surprised at the massive and global way in which Finland appears, once again, in the world´s headlines. Either for their excellent and consistent results in PISA, or because they are about to swear the youngest Prime Minister in the world, Sanna Marin (she is 34), or for their high standards of living, for their economy and business environment, and everyday life enthroned as a capitalist paradise, or by the novel way in which schools teach through phenomena-based learning. The truth is that Finland is a window to the future of the welfare and high educational quality of the world. Therefore, in the spring of next year, I will publish a book in New York, with Oxford University Press, about the education, learning, and culture of this impressive Nordic country. It will be my third book on education and learning in Finland. The book will be published first in New York, and a few months later, in Mexico City, in Spanish.

That is why, right now, December 2019, I am in the beautiful Bapst Library from Boston College, reviewing the final proofs of my book-to-be. Greetings to all my colleagues and friends. More on the subject in the coming days.

Bapts Library Boston College

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