Arts and Soccer: Mexico and Holland

«The Dynamism of a Soccer Player»IMG_1510

By Eduardo Andere M.

The World Soccer 2014 party is barely half-way, but for the Dutch and Mexicans today, June 29, 2014, it seems the climax. Soccer is a sport that unites and separates the world; showing the best and worst of ourselves; total ecstasy or bottomless depression.

The 90 or 120 minutes pressure is only sustained and contained adrenaline that explodes in endless tears as Neymar ‘s at the conclussion of yesterday’s dramatic match between Brazil and Chile.

Football is full of errors (referees) and passions (players and fans). It is also arts and science; is balance and effort, mastery and sagacity. But it is above all a feast of colors that explode into an orderly chaos.

And a gift to all of us is the wonderful art by the Italian Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916) who bequeathed to the world their extraordinary and vivid 101 years old painting: Dynamism of a Soccer Player. This painting is an oxymoron of concrete abstraction.

Everything passes. No glory without effort. But there is no eternal bliss or permanent happiness. If it is not enough that, let’s ask the Spanish football team. The important thing, then, is to live fully and always fighting; the real triumph is the effort. No matter how many times we fall, the important thing is to get up. No matter how many achievements the important thing is humility.

Whatever the outcome of today enjoy the timelessness of the synthesis of arts and sports, a sublime expression of the human endeavor. Humans are a kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts; passions and creations; mistakes and successes. If we were perfect we would not be so perfect.

Umberto Boccioni: Dynamism of a Soccer Player

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