​Eduardo Andere M. Ph.D.​


Education is not everything!

And will not get us out of all our problems: Poverty, insecurity, inequality, corruption, and environmental impoverishment.

When the word education is generic and it is used as a panacea for all our problems, it is very easy from any trench: political, business or international, to accuse teachers and schools for our ignorance and stagnation.

It is much more likely that our problems and shortcomings spring from an unfortunate succession of bad governments and leaders than from an accumulation of bad teaching and schooling.

Education, either as raising or instructing, only gives us the opportunity to be better persons; education, per se, will not get us out of all our problems or pitfalls.

Let us think of a new education, where people are more important than institutions; where no matter what the political arrangements are, my learning, my daily work, my freedom to choose to read a book instead of watching TV, work rather than wait; or exercising in lieu of sitting, is what makes the difference for change.

Thus, the solution to educational failure will not come from a top-down reform plan but by from grassroots efforts of parents, teachers and communities.


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